Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday Chatter

Yet another reason why I LOVE this group. So I truly didn't mean for the initial conversation on Sunday to be about my dating life, no really, I am starting a blog Talk To Me Raleigh about how people meet, where they go etc..., but being the kind friends that you are I learned that I am desperate, need to introduce myself to more people, quit thinking about it so much and just go about my daily life and let it happen on its own. All of which I have been consumed with over-thinking about since leaving dinner on Sunday. 

Seeing how you are ALL coupled up (Marc, I needed you there to back me up as the only other single in the group), I am certain it is easy to point out what I am doing wrong or should be doing in the world of dating, all of which are probably true, yes I am admitting to it.  Yet again as the lonely resident single, I am secretly blaming this on Tim seeing how my newest single friend is no longer single due to him coming along. Thanks Tim!

I do have to share since Sunday, Scott has set me up with someone, thanks Scott! I guess you can meet people through friends if you live somewhere long enough to make friends. Note to self, quit moving around so often.

And, today I received a card in the mail from Cynthia and Penny. I am still laughing! This card was so perfect. Had to share!

Card Front: "Annual Meeting of Single, Straight, Emotionally-Stable, Financially -Secure, Intelligent Men Looking for a Long-Term Commitment"

Inside: "Need I say more?"

"Why you haven't found the right guy?" Cynthia & Penny

For the next supper club I want to bring some table cards that I have. Could be fun to read them and learn more about each other, you pull a card and it has a random question on it that each person has to answer. Actually, the more I think about it, with this group they would be quite fun and the answers I am certain very entertaining. Don't let me forget!

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