Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner at Melissa, Josh and Carter's

I am not sure why but Josh seemed to look slightly less happy at this supper than usual. Was it because I was not in attendance or could it have been that his beloved WVU team lost to AUBURN the day before? No one will no for sure, but Josh, don't be sad, I will attend the next supper club and will only torture you for an ENTIRE YEAR as you did the previous year to me.

Football season has begun and Melissa sure does know how to put out a spread, those who showed up for pre-dinner football festivities had to have left that evening very pleased!

Thank you Melissa, Josh and Carter for hosting this months supper club. The food looked so yummy, I only regret not being able to taste it for myself, but I hear that everyone was quite pleased! I overheard someone say "every dinner we share seems to get better and better" I am certain this was meant for the meal you cooked as well.

The menu consisted of:

Main Course - Lasagna, two varieties both of which aimed to please, compliments of Melissa and Josh

Dessert - This one took awhile to make but I am sure it turned out lovely, compliments of Ashlyn

Thank you to those that brought wine.

Looking forward to next months supper club at Tracy's.

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