Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dinner at Jennifer's

The only thing missing from this particular Sunday dinner was Cynthia, Penny and Sarig. As I walked into the house the smell of Tim's Grandma's Alfredo sauce and the sound of laughter amongst friends filled my senses. I immediately felt overwhelmed with joy to be with friends whom I don't get to see nearly often enough, if it were up to me we would spend every Sunday together cooking and enjoying each others company. I know I say it a lot but man this group is great!

Thank you Jennifer and Tim for hosting this months supper club.

Welcome Tracy, you fit right in and will be a great addition to our group.

The menu consisted of:

Appetizer - Caprese Salad, compliments of Melissa and Josh

Main Course - Fettuccine Alfredo with a choice of chicken, scallops and shrimp, along with a yummy garden salad topped with Italian dressing, compliments of Tim and Jennifer

Dessert - Fresh peach and blueberry cobbler topped with fresh whipped cream, served with vanilla ice-cream, compliments of Jill and Scott

Thank you to those that brought wine, all lovely choices.

Looking forward to next months supper club at Melissa and Josh's. Rumor has it we will be eating Melissa's secret family lasagna recipe. I have been hearing about and waiting to try this lasagna for two years. Details to follow...

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  1. Tim... we MUST get the detailed recipe for that fantastic Alfredo sauce! Also, don't forget to post the cobbler recipe :-) So great to see everyone -- looking forward to next month!