Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Am In Love With Late July

I love chips, the saltier the better. One might even call me a bit of a chip-a-holic. If I need to drop some weight I have to go through the painstaking process of eating all the chips out of my pantry (not in a million years would I think about throwing them out or giving them away) and then not purchasing anymore, which is not easy.

I am blaming Whole foods on my new found love and addiction to Late July Mild Green Mojo Flavored Chips. They just had to stack them all nice and neat in the main isle as I walked toward the register. Hmm, I thought, these look interesting, ooohhhh they are gluten free, I better test them out for my friend Brook, I thought to myself, because I want to help Brook find new gluten free products. So what happened? I purchased 1 bag, ate the entire thing, texted a picture of the bag to Brook for reference and then went back to purchase 5 more (in my defense they were on special).

Not only are the extremely tasty on their own but add some guacamole to the mix and you have your own little party going on. Oh yeah!

If you don't have a Whole Foods in your area you can also buy them online direct from Late July (they sell by the case, SWEET!).

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