Monday, September 27, 2010

Cooking Classes in Southern France

I just returned from a fantastic European trip where I had the opportunity to participate in cooking classes given by Anne de Ravel

There is nothing like heading to the farmers market early in the morning to get fresh produce, bread, spices, olives and meat for an evening meal. From the second we stepped inside the farmers market I was in heaven and could barely put my camera down. Everything was beautifully arranged and so fresh. I walked around just taking it all in. I must have looked like a crazy lady being the only one with large camera around my neck taking pictures of fish, spices, bread and more. At one point in the day a guy at the market told Anne that I was a photographer for a fashion magazine. She got a good laugh out of it and told then that I was with her and not a magazine, but the guy refused to believe her. In a sense I felt like a fashion photographer surrounded by a runway of beautiful food on display making you want to do a double take at every stand you passed by.

The next few recipes to follow are some that I learned from Anne. Enjoy!

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